Seal & Send Swap- Something Sticky


I don’t know about you, but I love getting fun mail in my mail box. We are talking good old fashioned SNAIL mail. You may not know this but there is this great group called Swap-bot. On Swap-bot you can swap all sorts of things, from postcards to crafty items. Membership to Swap-bot is free. You sign-up, search swaps and when the swap starts you are automatically assigned a partner. You get positive ratings for following the swap guidelines and can earn hearts for extra special swaps. 

I have created my own group over at swap-bot called  Seal & Send Fast:

My current swap is Seal & Send something Sticky.

Here are the details:

For this swap you will put something Sticky into an envelope and send it to your partner. This is senders choice- because keeping in the theme of the swap you will choose the something Sticky and seal it in an envelope BEFORE partners are assigned.

You will have 3 partners.

You should rate your partner a 5 if you receive something Sticky

Ideas: Stickers, sticky notes, nail art decals, band-aids, gum, deco tape,etc…

Please be mindful to send something that YOU would be happy to receive

This swap is a quick turn around- so don’t sign up if you cannot send by the send date.

Ratings: no recent 1’s or 3’s- even if you are a member of the group I will check for recent ratings. I reserve the right to ban anyone I feel may not be able to meet the requirements of the swap.



To go directly to this swap go here…

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